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The town of Dalyan is located on the Turquoise coast in southern Turkey.  Dalyan is well known thanks to  its proximity to the famous 7km Iztuzu Beach where the endangered Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta Caretta) lay their eggs, the beach and surrounding area is protected.  The beach can be reached by minibus or by a relaxing boat ride on the Dalyan Canal and on through the river beds. 

As well as Loggerhead Turtles Dalyan is also home to the largest population of the Soft Shelled Nile Turtles (Trionyx triunguis).  The wet land areas are home to many migrating birds and storks nest all over the area.

Steeped in history Dalyan is overlooked by ancient Lycian Rock Tombs which are the last resting places  of the Kings of Kaunos, meanwhile the Dalyan Canal weaves its way past the village on its way from Köyceğiz Lake to the beach. 

Across the canal we find the ruins of the city of Kaunos, with a Roman theatre, fortifications, basilica and many other sites to be seen.  Dalyan itself has strict building regulations which allow us to keep the traditional feeling in the village, traditionally a fishing village the village has a warm welcome to visitors. 

The Saturday Market is a joy to shop at, from the best quality fake designer wear to fresh vegetables and of course a plentiful collection of local spices and teas; as a working market you will shop alongside  tourists and locals alike.

Also with Mud Baths, Thermal Springs, an Historic Mosque and Scenic Walks Dalyan has it all for the  perfect relaxing holiday.  Nearby you can also find Tlos, an ancient roman site with Lycian rock caves; Saklikent Gorge, a natural marvel to walk through; the beautiful bays of Aşı and Ekincik bay, perfect for snorkeling.

Dalyan is also just over an hours drive from Marmaris or Fethiye with the glorious Öludeniz just outside  Fethiye.  Or take a boat tour from Göcek around the 12 islands, or just walk around the marina and  marvel at the yachts.



If you enjoy splashing around in the mud or wish to become more beautiful during your trip to Dalyan then the Mud Baths are your answer.  The mud is said to have anti-ageing properties in that it removes your wrinkles, firstly cover your body in the mud and then bask in the sun while the mud bakes dry.  As the mud dries it shrinks your skin removing your wrinkles with it.  While it has not been scientifically proven to have this affect those that have tried it all believe themselves to have younger skin as a result. Failing any beauty affects many families enjoy the time wallowing in the mud on a hot day.

Following your mud bath take a dip in the Thermal spring which has healing properties for the skin,  respiratory system and rheumatism.  The waters at the Sultaniye Spring have a very high mineral content, in fact the second highest in the world.

The mud baths and hot springs can be reached by boat, it is usually the first stop on the Daily Boat tours of Dalyan.



The beach, commonly referred to as Turtle Beach and also known as Iztuzu Beach, lies at the end of the Dalyan Delta and is a 7km sandbank.  At one end the beach is backed mountains and hills covered in pine trees, this accessible by road and public minibus.  The other end, referred to as the boat end, is backed by the reed beds that make up the labyrinth that is the Dalyan Delta.

The most popular way to visit the beach is via the public Dolmuş boat trip from the Dalyan harbour, the trip takes around 30 minutes and passes the Lycian Rock Tombs before heading into the reed lined canals.  On the trip keep a lookout for the natural wildlife, dragon flies dancing alongside the boat and birds swooping through the reeds.

If you wish to spend a different day on the beach why not take a walk along the beach to see the diversity of wildlife in one small area. 


You can take the boat to the beach and walk to the other end and return by minibus or vice versa.  You will get to see the reed beds and views back towards Dalyan, or as the beach nears the mountains the ponds that sit between the beach and the hills.



Probably the best excursion whether you enjoy swimming or not. This trip is a good opportunity for swimming, sunbathing or just a lazy day out. You will be able to swim in various crystal clear coves and bays during this trip. You will feel relaxed, enjoy the sunshine and the scenery.



The Rock Tombs overlooking Dalyan were built to house the dead Kings from the ancient City of Kaunos and offer an impressive sight that inspires all that see them.  During your holiday you will see them almost every day and at each glance you'll wonder at just how the ancient people of Kaunos carved such features with just the most basic of tools.  When illuminated at night the splendour is amplified with the orange glow.



Traditional Turkish Bath which is quite an efficient way of being healthy and energetic. Also significant role in the Turkish Tradition.



Dalyan area with its rich natural resources and beautiful rivers, provides great opportunities for water sports like rafting. High mountains, long distance rivers, amazing green valleys and spectacular geography makes Dalyan region a real paradise for rafting and nature lovers.


​​*All trips are available to book at Sedir Resort.

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